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We at Cole's Inspections, Inc. are seasoned, veteran inspectors with years of residential construction and remodeling expertise. A family-owned business, we specialize in residential and light commercial properties. We are members of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and have had inspection training with the Housing Inspection Foundation. We cover southern California and are familiar with building codes and issues unique to homes and commercial sites in our part of the state. Additionally, we inspect pools and spas for an additional fee.

We have a genuine interest in your safety and well-being. From top to bottom, we inspect the property for any existing or potential safety hazards that may exist, and report on them in a clear format. We also check for problems with the structural integrity of the property.

Committed to consumer education, we urge you to be present at the inspection, a valuable educational experience during which you can ask questions on the spot and better understand our report. We offer maintenance tips, and share knowledge of the home that gives you control, confidence, and peace of mind about your decision and negotiations. Whether you are buying or selling, knowing the condition of the property guarantees a fair, smooth transaction, especially with today's current high cost of real estate.

Our advice does not end with the inspection; we welcome your calls anytime after the inspection. Cole's Inspections understands that buying or marketing a property is one of the largest financial and emotional investments that you can make. Using our services early in the process can save you thousands of dollars on repair items. Hence, our motto, "Get your money's worth: a home inspection is your best defense."

Computer-generated, our user-friendly reports include digital photographs, with problem areas highlighted throughout the report. Easy to read, detailed, and thorough, our reports are available by e-mail, delivered in a binder, or on our website. The report will tell you exactly what to expect in both interior and exterior maintenance before you buy or sell, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We request that you call as soon as possible to schedule an inspection, as our schedule fills up quickly and we want to accommodate you as best we can.

How is Cole's Inspections distinguished from other inspectors? With our extensive background and experience, we're well-respected in our service area. We receive much of our business from word-of-mouth referrals given by satisfied customers, which means a great deal.

We love what we do, and give it our all. We're totally patient and personable, good teachers, and easy to work with. We want to help clients in every way possible, and we keep clients' concerns uppermost in mind throughout the entire process.

Most important, we're distinguished by providing an integrity of quality, personalized service and, again, by our experience-- there's simply no substitute!

Our dedication to you and our wish to see you safe and comfortable in your home are unparalleled-call us today to find out for yourself why Cole's Inspections, Inc. is your home inspector!

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